Bleu Blanc Satan


Bleu Blanc Satan is a documentary about the birth of the French Black Metal scene in the early 90's. Rather than a simple documentary about a music genre, Bleu Blanc Satan explores the social aspects and meanings of the Black Metal culture and tries to understand the consequences of such life choices.

The film features interviews with some of the most seminal artists within the French Black Metal scene, as well as an interview with Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) giving his insight on the influence of French Black Metal worldwide and its importance in music today.
You can read a full transcript of his interview here.

Watch the film via Noisey here
(English subtitles available)

You can read an interview with Noisey here
and an interview with The Drone here


Meyhna’ch (Mutiilation)   •   Deviant Von Blakk (Osculum Infame / Arkhon Infaustus)   •   Hervé Herbaut (Osmose Productions)   •   Noktu Geiistmort (Celestia / Drakkar productions)   •   Hreidmarr (Anorexia Nervosa / The CNK)   •   Valnoir (Glaciation / metastazis)   •   Malphas & Nephtys (Epheles / L’antre des damnés)   •   Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth)

Written and directed by Camille Dauteuille & Franck Trébillac
Executive producer: Clémentine Duzer   •   Noisey Editor in Chief: Lelo Jimmy Batista   •   Director Of Photography: Victor Seguin   •   Second unit: Nathalie Gasdoue   •   Sound: C. Dauteuille & F. Trébillac   •   Editor: Gopal Puntos   •   Production Assistant: Thibault Hollebecq   •   Production Assistant: Marc Le Rohellec   •   Post Production assistant: Mathilde Moquet   •   Post production: Royal Post   •   Editor assistant: Margerie Argentin   •   Post-Producer: Nathalie de Bernardinis   •   Post-production intern: Lucien Burckel de tell   •   Royal Post Fx Supervisor: Jean-Christophe Levet   •   Colour Grading: Thibault Petillon   •   Sound mixing: Krikor Kouchian
The playlist below contains the music from the film's soundtrack (from those available on Spotify),
as well as other related bands among the finest of French Black Metal.