L’Oréal was launching a new program dedicated to graduates joining on internships. Entitled ‘Internpreneurs’, the program aims to bring interns together, to share knowledge and provide information that would be accessible to all. As part of this, a complete visual identity was needed, including a logo and overview video which would encapsulate the energy, dynamism and excitement of the program.

First I designed a logo and visual identity that captured all the vibrancy of the Internpreneurs program. I translated this identity in a video that was as disruptive and engaging as possible, whilst conveying a substantial amount of information on the size and structure of L’Oréal. The result is a video which definitely reaffirms that L’Oréal is the right place to embark upon a successful career for motivated, energetic graduates.
Client: l'Oréal
Art direction / Animation: Franck Trebillac
Agency: Hiveworks