The StartJG Group consists of StartJG, Hometown London, Connected Retail and Breed, all of which specialise in unique disciplines ranging from branding, advertising, interaction design and illustration. The One Fine Day (OFD) project was a pitch that proposed a possible re-brand of the StartJG Group which aimed to bring these separate entities and disciplines under one unique umbrella brand.

The strategy focused on creating a network of creative collaborators for the experience economy. The new group aimed to create irresistible brand experiences that drive real measurable growth. We aimed to brand this unique proposition 'Desire by Design'.

I've helped Hometown London to develop this identity. The result is a logo formed of minimal geometric shapes, strong and powerful, yet intriguing and enticing. It became incredibly flexible with the final three iterations and can be implemented in a variety of ways, creating a brand which is alluring, intelligent and above all memorable.

I then continued to push and develop the brand's unique tone of voice through motion graphics, which in turn formed the basis of the deliverables for the pitch.

Disclaimer: All content for pitch purposes only.
Client: One Fine Day
Motion graphics / Design: Franck Trebillac
Agency: Hometown London